Welcome in the New Year with a swing in the 4 Gats

Welcome in the New Year with a swing in the 4 Gats

We’ve dressed the place up for the occasion. Each year we ensure that the Christmas decorations bring warmth and cosiness to the restaurant so your festive meal has the family feel you want.

This year we want to go even further because we will also be celebrating the 115th anniversary of the restaurant, and for New Year’s Eve we’ve prepared a big do for you. We have also filled our agenda with special events until next June.

For starters we ask you to come nicely dressed, as protocol dictates. We too will be dressed up for the occasion.

As you make your way to your seat, you may be surprised by the enormous, imposing Christmas tree in the room. You will have a menu designed especially for the occasion, a surprise party with… oops, can’t let the cat out of the bag! This you will have to find out for yourselves during your dinner and during the swing concert that will accompany your meal, which will pick up tempo with the traditional eating of the grapes at midnight, and go on until the early hours. You will be able to request your favourite tunes and, we hope, enjoy every moment as you welcome in the New Year.

Kike Angulo and four of his friends will keep you on your toes. With Kike on guitar, Gemma Abrié’s voice, Toni Solá’s tenor saxophone, Gerard Nieto’s piano and Pere Loewe’s double bass you will be celebrating in a way that Broadway would be proud of.

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