The 4 Gats And The Passion Of Wagner

The 4 Gats And The Passion Of Wagner

The 4 Gats And The Passion Of Wagner


The piano in 4 Gats once again sounds to the music of Wagner. Ramón Gener, presenter of the Opera amb texans – ‘Opera in Jeans’ – programme on the Catalan channel TV3 and the show’s production team filmed an episode in the restaurant. It will be screened at the beginning of next year, and is dedicated to the legacy of Wagner and his devoted followers in Barcelona at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The particular way in which Ramón Gener approaches opera is visible throughout the film, which includes mention of the redaction of the statutes of the Wagner Association in the 4 Gats on October 12th 1901.

This event all began with an initiative by three medicine students, Lluis Suñe, Josep Maria Ballvé and Amali Prim, who, together with music critic Joaquim Pena, enthusiastically participated in the creation of a document that is in use to this day.

The connection with the erudite Joaquim Pena meant that he translated the works of Wagner into Catalan, faithfully maintaining the original texts and boosting the production of these works. The writings of Barcelonians Joaquim Marsillach (1859-1833) and the doctor Joaquim Letamendi (1828-1897) made these pieces very well known.

Catalan Modernism once again makes its presence felt in the rooms of the 4 Gats.



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