Emili, the heart and soul of Els 4 Gats

Emili, the heart and soul of Els 4 Gats


This blog is all about what makes our group of restaurants unique. We often talk about the dishes we serve or about what goes on in our restaurants, but rarely do we mention the staff who actually look after you when you come to dine. Here we break with that trend to talk about Emili, one of the hosts in Els 4 Gats, and pay deserving tribute to a special member of our staff.

His hair is always immaculately styled and he gives the impression of having been the good kid of the class, who, as an adult, comes across as simply endearing. He receives diners with a knowing smile and a slight tilt of the head, a gesture at once servile and welcoming. Then, with a slight bow and an extended arm, he shows you the way to your table.

In order to here reveal his unquestionable character, we would like to share with you a little story about his work in the restaurant, in this case one that focuses on his particular way of preparing dishes.

 “Emili has set the restaurant on fire!”This sentence is heard fairly frequently in Els 4 Gats. When Emili is preparing a gin and tonic he habitually burns a sprig of rosemary – with a devilish smile knowing that he is raising a rumpus and smoking out the place. This fascinates clients, and some swiftly take out their cameras to photograph the pyromaniac scene. Some would like him to repeat the show and others, knowingly or not, order another gin and tonic and the spectacle continues. The result: the windows must be opened to air the room. In midwinter this blast of fresh air is welcomed by the inebriated but not so much by those who feel the cold.

After setting the rosemary alight, the show goes on. Now wearing his alchemist hat, he upturns the glass, lets the smoke from the fire impregnate it, and continues with his ritual of burning other substances such as the peel of a lemon which he will then rub on the glass. From here onwards the fires are put out and a more orthodox stage begins of combining organic produce, ice, a measure of gin and other elements that culminate in a wholly original gin and tonic. Once prepared, another surprise! Another sprig of rosemary is lit – briefly this time – and is added to the glass in a final statement by Emili.

All that remains are the toasts and encores for a repeat of the spectacle.


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