Carolina Sans Cuende exhibition

Carolina Sans Cuende exhibition


From 19 September to 2 October an exhibition will take place in Els 4Gats.

Carolina Sans Cuende Born in 1985 in the city of Barcelona, since she was a child she directs his studies to the artistic world: artistic hight school graduated, ceramics studies, painting and drawing classes, jewellery courses, design and artistic enamel to the fire with she obtain the Title of Top Technician in Plastic Arts and Design in Enamel to the Fire over Metals. Though little by little, it was direct towards the illustration world, obtaining excellent diploma in the Createcnia School (2010) in the speciality of Fantastic Illustration and illustration diploma of the Joso School; combining both studies with courses of aerografía and Photoshop.

Also it obtained a scholarship to draw in the “”Reial Cercle Artístic””, was selected in the IV International Exhibition “”El Món de l’Esmalt”” (The Enamel World), obtained two times the first prize of the VIIIè and the IXth I compete of Painting of the “”Col·legis d’Agents Comercials de Barcelona””… between others.”


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