• Emili

    Emili, the heart and soul of Els 4 Gats

    This blog is all about what makes our group of restaurants unique. We often talk about the dishes we serve or about what goes on in our restaurants, but rarely do we mention the staff who actually look after you when you come to dine. Here we break with that trend to talk about...

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    Welcome in the New Year with a swing in the 4 Gats

    We’ve dressed the place up for the occasion. Each year we ensure that the Christmas decorations bring warmth and cosiness to the restaurant so your festive meal has the family feel you want. This year we want to go even further because we will also be celebrating the 115th anniversary of the restaurant, and for...

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    “People like bebop”


      The sound of jazz can be heard every Tuesday night in the 4 Gats restaurant. Kike Angulo and his friends in the 4 Gats Trio provide the mellow notes in this modernist venue, which was first used by Santiago Rusiñol, Ramón Casas and other exponents of fin de siecle culture. Kike Angulo has...

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    November Jazz Programme

    Diapositiva 1

    The philosophy and history of 4 Gats has always been intertwined with cultural activities. For four months now the rhythms of jazz have been present every Tuesday night in the restaurant. The sessions are led by the guitarist Kike Angulo, though every performance has different musicians who during the evening offer diners a variety...

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    Tomato Bread

    pa amb tomàquet

    When we mention pa amb tomàquet, or tomato bread in English, an image springs to mind of red on a golden base – one of the icons of the Mediterranean diet and the insignia dish in Catalan cuisine. The simplicity with which it is prepared does not defer from the fact that to do...

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    Gin, Something Between Botany And Alchemy


    Gin, Something Between Botany And Alchemy If we could go back in time, we would discover that many current usages and customs were introduced after wars or discoveries, and in many cases involving mystery and medieval monks. And what’s more, normally several different countries claim separate ownership of such customs. This is the case...

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    The 4 Gats And The Passion Of Wagner

    Ramón Gener a 4 Gats

    The 4 Gats And The Passion Of Wagner   The piano in 4 Gats once again sounds to the music of Wagner. Ramón Gener, presenter of the Opera amb texans – ‘Opera in Jeans’ – programme on the Catalan channel TV3 and the show’s production team filmed an episode in the restaurant. It will...

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    In the Melic In The Gothic Quarter


        Strolling the streets of the Gothic Quarter or shopping in the numerous boutiques of the area, it is always a good idea to take a break. Walking is tough work, and as the late Luciano Pavarotti said, “One of the best things in life is that we must regularly interrupt our labour...

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